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At Couture Resale, steady handling and a fast dispatch is what we're known for.  All orders will be shipped in 48 hours, with the order reaching your door in 3 to 5 working days (depending on the type of delivery).  All items are tracked for your piece of mind and insured up to £20.  All items over £60 will be fully insured.


At Couture Resale, we understand the need of refunds when things go wrong with a shipment.  As we deal with new and used clothing, there is a difficulty in accepting a refund for an item which meets the description of the item and is successfully delivered.  Therefore, Couture Resale will only give refunds in circumstances which the item goes missing during a shipment or the item is damaged beyond use before delivery.  If you would like to request a refund, please use the contact form on the home page, or contact

Folding Clothes


At Couture Resale, we empathise with customers who have a change of heart with a product they have purchased, but also stress the difficulty in reselling returned items.  Therefore, Couture Resale  will not accept returns for any products, as there would be difficulty in reselling previously returned items.

Couture Resale, as an entity, always operates on trust, quality and assurance.  With that, we have policies that we always stick to.  This focuses on:

  • Maintaining item quality by inspecting all incoming items, washing and keeping items stored correctly.

  • Taking measurements of all items, as well as making sure item descriptions are 100% accurate.

  • Buying authentic items from trusted sources, as well as using 3rd party authenticators on specific items.

  • Shipping items in a timely manner, making a smooth transition from the store to your door.

We make sure transparency is key, with these policies being the backbone of our store.  If there are any questions would you like to ask, click the "Get in touch" button below.